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September 02, 2010



I add you on twitter! ;D

Add me too


vox is closing, it's a panic and harzard lol

I'm too busy and too lazy to move lol

I don't like Lj and twitter is too mess for me,what should I do?

(pls don't say "just go to hell" XDDD)



lol.. i would never tell you to go to hell *huggies* XD

i'm so lazy too!! urghhh this move is totally coming at a wrong time

i'm debating really over where to move =[ sighs

vox neighborhood really cannot be replaced.. *rolls on ground*


Hi! This is such a bad day today readin about this. It won't be the same without vox neighborhood ...
Well, i added you on twitter, I'm SamiRai's Fan. See you there!


My twitter is Arabimbi! Hope i can follow you there ne!^^

Zai' Dayz'

hi there. i've followed u on twitter (sapphire_ddj). dis is my 1st time adding u but i've been ur stalker on vox for quite some time ^^;
my name is Zai and also big fan of Arashi. yoroshiku ne...


ive's added you up at twitter, im jisarin4ukiss there.. i also have this matsuzy account but i rarely use it.. sighh.. vox~ T__T
and yeah.. i think wordpress is much easier to use.. typepad is just soo annoying..

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