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September 04, 2010



OMG,, yes! that's my dilemma too.. arghh this site is just too hard too use, well i know we can probably get used to this eventually but right now everything's just so confusing.. T__T


why i have to re-sign in every time i wnat to leave comment?


found you!:)
yeah typepad is not very user friendly... boo~
I've never been your neighbor on vox but I hope its okay
if i follow u here m(_ _)m I'm junbells on twitter and on vox :)

Zai' Dayz'

why i have to re-sign in every time i want to leave comment?
yeah...i hate that too


why i have to re-sign in every time i want to leave comment?

I hate that x3.


maybe we should all take notes and stick the list with names and password to our desktop. it's hilarious....!!!


matsuzy - no shitttt!! i dont think i can get use to this Orz this is just too much trouble for a little fangirling..

larashi - dear gawd i didnt even realize this till you told me ="= now i hate it even moreeee

aleohp - hey! i know you 8D lols.. but i wouldnt have guess with this id.. 8D come follow me on twitter.. haha i play there much more than here >"<

zai dayz - ditto!

baystorm - DITTO!

satsu-ki - goodness the name and password thing is driving me mad.. Orz i just dont know how to make that any way easier T_T


Well if you use Feedreader you don't need to remember all names and psws. That programm saves all that. So you only need to input it once ^.^ Well at least till now it worked like that XD

But... it's really troublesome... I am copying all blog feeds for hours already >.<


aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa sighs

Bravada Esprit

typepad makes me feel stoopid. i still can't figure out where to sign in with my friends' username & password... WHERE???

i'm just taking the opportunity to rant...



It will only ask for the name and password if the person has locked their blog..

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